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  1. I've been running software version 5 and Bluetooth version 3.32 since last year and recently my Samsung Galaxy S5 updated to Android 5.0 Lollipop and now the Pandora doesn't work. The head unit starts the app on my phone but no sound from the radio. Confirmed the unit isn't looking for a wired connection. Thoughts?? Also... My iPod 7th generation connects fine but you can't hear any music. Thoughts on that??
  2. X930bt on 5.0 unable to update to 5.1

    Can you share the post to go to 5.1? Thanks.
  3. Why Hack??

    Hello all. I have been looking to see if anyone has been able to get Android to play nice with the X930BT and in my research I'm finding a lot recently about this system hack to the X940 software platform. I was a little intrigued by this and had some questions. 1. What do you get with the hack? Just mapping upgrades? 2. If something does go wrong I assume you can always get it back to the factory assuming a backup is done? 3. Does it add any real functionality like support for the Android devices? I'm a backend website developer so I'm confident I can perform the "code" changes but thought I would ask before getting into this project or if it was even worth it at all for the time involved. Thanks!
  4. Again with the should word...... lol Will give it a try. I guess worse case I blow the fuse or burn up the radio wire...
  5. Hello all. This is my first thread but I wanted to say thank you for hosting this forum... I've already found a lot of useful information here. I purchased a Pioneer AVIC-X930BT and a Pioneer GEX-P20HD. I am wondering if I can connect the Yellow Fused wire from the HD radio and connect it to the Yellow 12v Batt/Memory wire from the harness and the radio yellow wire. When I spoke to the support tech at Pioneer, he said "You should be able to do that". I don't like the "should" part of that sentance. My only concern with this is the fact that the HD radio yellow wire has a 2amp inline fuse on it and I wasn't sure if connecting that, with the harness yellow and the head unit yellow would be okay. Has anyone else done this? Just looking for some reassurance since Pioneer couldn't confirm a solid yes or solid no! Thanks in advance!