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  1. New AVIC U310BT owner, what do I need to know?

    Thanks! The store I ordered the update from is apparently out of stock, so I haven't received it yet. I will let folks know what changes when I get it!
  2. New AVIC U310BT owner, what do I need to know?

    Thank you very much for the advice! I just picked up a 239FM card, it should be here in a couple of days. Will I need an additional SD card, or is this plug-and-play? (I understand that the POIs are on a DVD, does this need to be in the unit at all times?) Ok! My question was more about video out than controls. My understanding from other posts was that the Pioneer "A/V" cable (a 3.5mm jack) was specifically to feed video out from an iPhone/iPod into the AUX in of Pioneer units that DO take video, and so I was wondering if the U310BT might have a video in from that input that isn't mentioned. Cheers!
  3. Greetings, After a bit of research and reading the positives and the negatives about the U310BT, I finally decided this was the stereo I wanted for my Subaru Forester 2012. The elegant form factor, the benefit of the removable faceplate (as an anti-theft deterrent) and the good reviews with regards to SQ ultimately won me over. Before I take it to a shop to get installed, I have have a few questions: 1) Updates. What version should I update to? I see posts from people trying to downgrade their existing updates, apparently due to Bluetooth problems. 2) Customization on a Mac. Is it possible to customize the splash screen etc on a Mac running Os X? If so how? 3) Maps / POI. I've read a lot of positive and negatives about the built-in GPS. I'm not trying to land a Tomcat on an aircraft carrier here, so I'm ok with the GPS being what it is, but I would like to get the latest update as far as maps and POIs go. The Pioneer site lists the CNSD-130FM for 2010, and CNSD-239FM for 2011. Is the 239FM the one I want to get? 4) CD-IU50V cable. My understanding is that the U310BT does NOT take in video from its auxiliary 3.5mm input, is this correct? I wouldn't need this cable then? 5) Is there any additional advice / tips you could give me about this unit? Folks, thank you very very much in advance for any information. Cheers