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  1. Hey all, I'm going to put an 8200 into my Outback tomorrow and I'm using an Ipod Classic for my music source. I just saw in the installation instructions that I need to use a cord that goes from the Aux and USB to a 30 Pin Connector (my old iPod uses that 30 pin at the bottom). I believe the cord is the CD-IU201V. This cord is impossible to find locally. When I've plugged my Classic into our factory Subaru touchscreen stereo, it's worked perfectly using just a USB to 30 pin, not bringing the aux into play at all. Is the aux/usb to 30pin (CD-IU201V) really necessary? Is there a workaround that installers might use in case I don't have this cord? What functionality would exist if I just used a usb/30pin? Connection supposed to be: Unit - Aux cable and USB cable - connect to - CD-IU201V - connect to ipod.
  2. z150 Nav?

    I dug into the manuals and it looks like there are some minor UI changes on the Nav that seem to make it easier to use. The only question is how functional it'll be when on the road..... and of course how long it takes someone to figure out the bypass. While very tempted to jump on the Amazon deal, I'm thinking that if I've held out this long, I can wait a couple months more for the UI improvement.
  3. z150 Nav?

    I'm leaning this way too - waiting. Also hoping they make some changes to the interface. I've heard a few people complaining about usability while driving. hitman - I spoke to Cartoys and they told me that they've got a bunch headed to their wharehouse and expect to have them in the stores in the beginning of April. As far as their price, he anticipated $1,100. We'll see as this is all speculation at this point. I'll download that manual and see what type of clues I can glean as far as changes are concerned.
  4. z150 Nav?

    I've looked around and haven't found any news on this yet, but I'm curious if Pioneer has made any tweaks to the Nav system. I've been eyeballing the z140 for some time while I waited for my bonus to kick in, but one of the prevailing thoughts is that the Nav seems to take people on odd routes. Granted, that could just be people complaining excessively, but I'm not sure. Has anyone heard any hints about whether or not this is being addressed? Or frankly, are those concerns justified? Right now with that z140 on Amazon for $650, it's tempting to just go for it anyway.
  5. 2013 models?

    I was at a local stereo store today and he said that he hears that some major changes are coming that Pioneer is excited about. "What are they?" I ask.... "Not sure, but they're excited." Well that was helpful. Has anyone here heard about any pending changes to the lineup for 2013? I'm realistically looking at March before I can buy a new unit anyway, and so far haven't seen anything of substance on the Pioneer website. Thanks for your help.
  6. Look What I Got :) (Avic Z140BH)

    As far as the release date goes, a local dealer here in Colorado told me they'd have them in on March 30th. We'll see, though.
  7. z140 release date

    I spoke to the guy at the local Car Toys, and he said that they've got a release date for the z140 as March 30th. Next question - how long does it usually take for someone to discover the bypass for the parking brake issue? Thanks guys.
  8. I haven't seen the explanation between the two and it seems to be one of the key differences between the z130 and the z140, but what is the fundamental difference between App Mode and Advanced App Mode? Thanks for your help.
  9. Which apps would you like to see added?

    The radio apps are fine, but all that is needed there is one really great one, so I'm with you on that ZX6rrdan. I saw in a Honda commercial text messages coming through on the unit. I'd love to see that integration on the HU. Not to respond or type - I get the stupidity of doing that. However, it would be a heck of a lot safer to read it on a bigger screen than picking up your phone, and finding the text and reading it in really small font.
  10. A previous post made mention of "we don't need more radio station apps, get creative" or something similar to those words. So that got me thinking.... what apps would you like to see on added to the AVIC line? The first one on my list: Shazam. Perfect fit. It would be so much easier to activate it on the HU instead of unlocking my iPhone, finding the icon, launching the program, and hitting "listen", all while keeping my eyes on the road. 2nd on my list: Gas Buddy. Same thing as far as ease of use. What would you guys like to see?
  11. Might get a z130 and have a few questions

    dvldog458, Did you do the install yourself, or did a shop do it for you? If a shop did it, how did you convince them to bypass?
  12. Might get a z130 and have a few questions

    Good point on the cost of the upgrade to the z140 with the Navteq maps. My impatient side is tempted to get the z130 and upgrade, but I'm thinking if those other upgrades topped at $200, this one could easily roll in at $300 making the difference very slight. I wasn't in the market until February/March anyway and this way I can have more time to psyche myself up for the install. Chicagoandy mentioned that many shops will do the bypass - wouldn't they get in trouble for doing that? Or is it something I have to go to a smaller independent location?
  13. Dumb question on upgrades

    So it sounds like those upgrades are $200 to go from one model to the next. Hmmm, bummer. Now I may really just wait until April. That Navteq GPS is probably going to a NAV game changer.
  14. Dumb question on upgrades

    Hey all, Got another question, but this one is in regards to the upgrades that everyone references. I've heard mentioned that a z120 owner would do an upgrade to make it a z130. Would this upgrade be what's shown on Pioneer's website as a "free firmware upgrade version xxxx"? On their site they just mention it as an upgrade to resolve issues, but don't refer to it as making your z120 into a z130. See, told you it was a dumb question. Also, these upgrades I assume if the above is correct, would be free? Right now I'm tempted to buy a z130 and upgrade in the summer to the z140 to get those NAVTEQ maps - that appears to be the biggest draw for me about the z140. With prices around 800-900 it just doesn't seem to make sense to pay an extra $400 for the NAVTEQ if it's free to upgrade to it. Thanks.
  15. Might get a z130 and have a few questions

    Just did some more looking around and it seems to me that the NAV issues may be due in large part to the z130 using Teleatlas instead of the z140 which is advertising NAVTEQ. So my follow up question.... should I hold out until the z140 comes out?