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  1. I ment the F series nevermind
  2. What was the steps to upload the 3.0 updates to a avic f series I have the SD card with the files thanks
  3. the thing is its worked great for over a year I did get 2011 maps and 2.0 update could that have anything thanks
  4. I have a avice f90 bt and sometimes when im in reverse the backup camera goes to the nav screen before i put it in drive,has anybody had this problem thanks
  5. That didnt work very well, anyway like i said it fixed my avic F-7010BT
  6. i have the 7010bt and there is no sort button anywhere in any screen it has saved criteria or manage poi but nothing comes up around curser. I do have the speed cam icon but thats it any thoughts
  7. Type in avic repair on ebay..... $30 and you get a SD card with 3.0 and 2011 maps it will fix the reboot problem
  8. Thanks for the reply but can you explain what you mean by hit sort twice thanks Brian
  9. also if I drag the curser down to the LA area and look up gas station they all come up with in miles but not when im in sacramento just thought Id trow that in thanks
  10. Just did a 3.0 update with 2011 maps, and when I go to POI and click around curser for gas stations it gives me results starting 89 miles away for Reno, and I live in sacramento has anyone had this problem?
  11. I have the avic f7010bt just did the firmware update and now my SD icon does not light up when i put the card in, it worked fine before can anybody help thanks.
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