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  1. I still have copies of the maps for North America. 2012 is the latest. Let me know if you need them.
  2. There's a possibility that it could be corrupt firmware. Are you using the latest 2012 maps? CNDV-110MT? Try updating to that. I think there was a firmware update attached to it. Also make sure the wiring and everything is nice and secure. Worst case senario, the unit could be going bad. They are pretty old now. Mine is evening having intermittent issues with the radio signal going in and out (which I think my harness is going bad). Hope that helps. If you need the latest maps, I think a link to the torrent is in the forum somewhere. I can seed it if you need it.
  3. Good morning everyone. I wanted to see if I could get some suggestions for my AVIC D3. The radio isn't picking up any signals at all. The sound does work (can play and hear DVD's, iPod, etc) but nothing when I try to use the radio. The unit came out of my old truck. It was working fine. One day the radio just stopped picking up signals; no static, no sound, nothing. I checked the wiring and even hooked a different radio in the truck...the other radio worked fine and my D3 didn't. Got a new truck. Replaced the working factory radio with my D3 and got the exact same thing. In my new
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