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  1. Map update for Aug 2012

    Try this ( install ) spotnet ( www.google.nl ), then search for teleatlas or navteq ( Teleatlas last know Q4 2011 ) ( Navteq Q1 2012 )
  2. You don't have the hacked EZRIDER.EXE. Your pioneer only works on Teleatlas. Kopie EZRIDER.EXE then you can use both brands. TeleAtlas is better why switching !!
  3. Navteq 2011 map help please

    First of all you can use older buildings files on newer maps, never delete your buildings files. When you find newer ones you can copy them over. Latest buildings files are Q3 2011. You have 3 country files, one is the map, second is lane help en the third is boards above roads. Also you must have something like europe.HNR this wil be the house numbering files. Basemap is important, that is the world map between water en land, you can delete this one but the pioneer doesn't know on cordinates what is land and what is water. I hope this was the answer you looking for !!. HaveFun
  4. Want to backup my f700bt so I can play

    Get testmode, start windows explorer. copy entire flashdisk to a SD card 2GB or bigger. Keep this files on your computer. If you done this action you can play !!
  5. avic f700bt debug mode

    If only bluetooth not work, download from pioneer original bluetooth software. Install over edited F700BT and voila it works again !!!!
  6. Latest Map for Denmark & EU (F900BT)

    Use Hybrid 4001 upgrade http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/33431-hybrid-4001-cnsd-200fm-guide-updated/page__hl__hybrid__fromsearch__1 Then you can copy paste new cards on your device, because of edited ezrider.exe you can use navteq or teleatlas cards. Download on this site, search teleatlas or navteq
  7. New. f900bt. Europe!

    If you want to update your F700BT or F900BT pioneer read this topic: give search command the following line: hybrid 4.001 (cnsd-200fm) guide - updated Have Fun !!
  8. Teleatlas is default, tomtom has take over teleatlas in 2007 from that moment the maps are bad. Most of the roads are not on map and you drive in the middle of nowhere. Better is to take a inlock version of EZRIDER and use Navteq maps.
  9. Map update for Aug 2012

    TRY THIS !! www.gpsunderground.com !! last know map navteq Q3 2011 !!
  10. Update to use newer versions of bluetooth???

    OK this is very easy, pioneer has make an upgrade for any bluetooth problems, download first version 3 driver http://www.pioneer.eu/eur/support/software/AVIC-F700BT/index.html !! Unzip file to SD card and put the 3 files in the root of the SD card not in a map. · Press “Phone†and “Phone Settings†in the main menu to open Phone Settings menu. · Put the SD-card which contains the update files into the unit · Make sure “Bluetooth On/Off†is set to “Onâ€. · Scroll down the menu by pressing the downward arrow on the left. · Select "Bluetooth Software Update" · Press “Software Update†button on screen to start updating. · Update takes about 3 minutes. Kind regards !!
  11. Updated 2011 maps

    www.gpsunderground.com or use spotnet !!
  12. Looks like you have format flashdisk, if that is you have a problem and I hope you have a full copy of your flashdisk before you do any modification. LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE !!