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  1. u310bt just upgrading to v. 2.0001

    Sorry if I'm breaking any forum rules here...this my first post. But, my question is simple I want to just update my software/firmware on my u310bt from 1.0003 to 2.0001. I'm not worried about new maps or custom apps but, I would still like the stock apps to work (clock, media player, etc...). Is this possible or am I dreaming and BTW I have read just about every thread in this forum and no one has asked this specific question. If it is not possible then I guess I'll be purchasing CNSD-239fm update but, @ $130 I'm feeling like Pioneer is ripping me off a bit...I understand the map and POI cost but, a software upgrade...I beleive that falls under the realm of continued product support and good customer service. Thank you to anyone that responds!!!