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  1. Undo Condi's Hack Mode

    I just got the "there is no applicable program" screen after running Condi's hackmode 2.x. After doing a search, I didn't find a concise means of reverting back so I disected the installer and came up with the following: Using Super TestMode As with any mods to your AVIC, the following is at your own risk. I was successful doing the following on my X930BT (updated to X940BT) Step 1 From a PC create 2 directories on a SD card: PRG0 and PRG1 Copy the Super Testmode.KEY to the root of the SD card Step 2 With the SD card in your AVIC boot into Testmode VERIFY THAT THE FOLLOWING FILE EXISTS: USER\PRG0\APL\AV1.EXE If it doesn't, do not continue! COPY USER\PRG0\APL\AV1.EXE and then paste into the PRG0 directory on the SD card If the following files exist: COPY USER\PRGx.FLG to the SD card COPY USER\PRG1\APL\AV1.EXE and then paste into the PRG1 directory on the SD card Turn off your AVIC and take the SD card back to your PC Step 3 From your PC Rename PRG0\AV1.EXE to AV.EXE If the following files exist: Rename PRGx.FLG to PRG.FLG Rename the PRG1\AV1.EXE files to AV.EXE Step 4 With the SD card in your AVIC boot into Testmode DELETE the following files on your AVIC USER\PRG0\APL\AV.EXE USER\PRG1\APL\AV.EXE USER\PRG0\APL\AV.MSCR USER\PRG0\APL\COMMCTR1.DLL USER\PRG0\APL\CORED1.DLL USER\PRG0\APL\KILLPROC.EXE USER\PRG0\APL\MORTSCRIPT.EXE USER\PRG0\APL\TOOLHEL1.DLL COPY the following files from the SD card to your AVIC SD\PRG0.AV.EXE to USER\PRG0\APL\AV.EXE If the following files exist: SD\PRG.FLG to USER\PRG.FLG SD\PRG1.AV.EXE to USER\PRG1\APL\AV.EXE If you have followed the above exactly, your AVIC should be back to the way it was before the HACKMODE
  2. Cd changer hack

    As a moderator you should not make statements that aren't true... see their current product line of changers at: http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Car/Accessories/DVD-and+CD-Changers and home as well at http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Home/Audio-Components/CD+Players I actually agree that it is unlikely to happen, but that doesn't excuse your tone in replying to other people.
  3. Cd changer hack

    The fact that Pioneer continues to keep cd/dvd in their AVIC heads shows that Pioneer supports older dyeing (sic) technologies. So I must agree with ADAMZPILY and CHLNGR1970 in saying that Pioneer dropped the ball on this one and should put the changer functionality back into their firmware. The (former) stability of the IPBus was a huge reason for customer loyalty. For all those that don't want cd/dvd, let them get the AppRadio...