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  1. AVIC F930/940 TTS Files

    Hi all, I've updated my F930BT to the new 2012 maps, and like many of us I've lost my French TTS functions. Unfortunately, I haven't done backups of these files before the update (shame on me!) and I'm unable to find them on Internet even with heavy Google search. And my F930 DVD is completely useless, unless I want to progress in Dutch of Czech... Has anyone made backup of French TTS 'Virginie" files, and share them here? Thanks for your valuable help! Bertrand
  2. Dear valuable members I own a 2007 Jeep Commander, with REJ factory navigation unit and Boston Accoustics amp. Wanted to replace the factory Chrysler/Jeep REJ navigation unit with an AVIC F930BT (alongside CA-R-CG.001 steering wheel control interface), but I have an issue. CA-R-CG.001 correctly powers on the amp, and the sound looks just incredible and powerfull for all sources (iPod, CD, FM...) But it sounds there is a problem regarding the amp/AVIC communication. The amp has no front/rear entries, just left/right. Front/rear fading is done though CAN by the factory navigation unit. Aftermarket ones, like F930Bt don't have such capabilities. The problem is very well explained on PAC website (look at point nr3 on 1st page) : http://www.pac-audio.com/PACProductData/C2R-CHY4/1_Instructions/c2r-chy4_instructions_042111.pdf Problem is: F930BT navigation instructions as well as bluetooth communications are supposed to go through the front speakers only, but as the Pioneer unit cannot ask the Boston Accoustics amp to manage fading, I just have no navigation or phone communication sound... Question is: - is it possible to ask the F930BT to provide navigation instructions as well as phone communication through ALL speakers instead of just front ones? - if not possible, how am I supposed to "Connect the front outputs of the aftermarket radio to the rear inputs of the 22 pin radio connector" with my AVIC F930BT? Thanks for you help!