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  1. New APP CarMediaPlayer

    Much agreed. I left a review on the App Store that stated they should make the App Radio work this way. I have a feeling that their iPod interface basically using the iPhone's own video-out mode, with buttons sandwiched around the sides. I don't have a video-out cable for my iPhone but I imagine that if I did, it would display exactly what appears in the AppRadio's "iPod" interface, only without the arrow buttons around the sides. I would say that this is a backwards-compatibility issue, that they couldn't write a touch-enabled app that would run on an iPod classic, but iPod classic isn't supported with the AppRadio. Maybe the guys who do AppRadio Jailbreak can chime in on how it works, but to me it seems that the CarMediaPlayer's touch interface is running on the iPhone, only using the AppRadio as a display and controller. Just based on how long it takes the App Radio to switch modes and update the display, I don't think the head unit has the processing power to run a smooth, swiping, finger friendly app like that. So unfortunately I don't think we'll ever see the CarMediaPlayer app replace the stock iPod functionality.
  2. New AppRadio, having to hard reset every day?

    Okay, so did you have to give them the whole unit with the wiring harness and all that? Or just the head unit?
  3. New AppRadio, having to hard reset every day?

    Absolutely. I would gladly rma it for a new one. But Best Buy, where I bought it, aren't just out of stock, they don't carry the App Radio, SPH-DA01 anymore. They only list the AppRadio2, SPH-DA100, on their site, and it's Coming Soon. If they still carried it, I could make them ship me a new one. If the AppRadio 2 was released, I could walk in there and try to finagle an upgrade via return. I think since they don't have a replacement they'll probably try to give me my money back. If I return it and get my money back, as you said, I'll have to order it from someone else, and spend more money, because at this point the $50 rebate window from Pioneer has passed, and everyone else is selling it for closer to $300. . . . I'm going to email Pioneer and see what my options are.
  4. JVC App Link Mode

    I was thinking the same thing. Even some of their low-end DVD players have the core useful features of AppRadio. For example, the AV60, which can be had around $299, has Pandora and MotionX, and maybe DashCommand, I can't remember. The thing about it is, their interface is cluttered and generally horrible looking. And AppRadio has the glass screen, which in my car increases visibility 1000%
  5. New AppRadio, having to hard reset every day?

    Cool, thanks guys. I did go ahead with the install of the other one in my wife's car and it's fine with both 2.22 and 2.45. No issues or resets necessary. Yesterday mine seemed like it was going to start, and froze at the home screen. I did a Settings>System Reset, and then a hard reset. This morning, it booted up, the OK screen was fine, and I got to the point of starting CarMediaPlayer and it froze on the parking brake disclaimer, which normally goes away after the app loads. Completely frozen, every time it boots. So, what do you guys recommend for getting it fixed? I can return it to Best Buy and get my money back, but they don't stock AppRadio anymore and for the $199 I'd get back, I don't have a lot of options. I bought an extended warranty with BB, and they say they'll replace it with an equivalent deck, but somehow I doubt they would replace it with an AppRadio 2, and they don't have an AppRadio 1 to give me. I read on here that Pioneer's customer service is awful, and that I'm looking at 3-4 weeks with a gaping hole in my dashboard if I go that route. This is so frustrating.
  6. Hey, I'm just wondering if this is a broken unit, or if this is what I should expect from an AppRadio . . . I bought 2 new AppRadio's at Best Buy last week when they were having the $199 sale. I was going to buy one for my wife for our anniversary, but they were so cheap, I decided to upgrade my U310BT while I was at it. Since my car has an aftermarket wiring harness in it already, I hooked mine up first. This is far from my first radio install and everything is hooked up correctly. I hooked up the parking brake wire to a SPST switch to ground, ASWC for steering wheel controls. Other than that it's not a complicated install. No external amps, no backup camera, etc. From day 1 it has been a hassle. It has needed to be reset just about daily. It seems like every time it has been off for a while and goes through the "Pioneer' splash screen bootup process, you have about a 50/50 chance of it working. Sometimes, the touch screen will freeze, not letting you press that initial "OK" to start the radio. Sometimes, it will boot up but not sense the phone is plugged in. This morning, I had it boot up, no iPhone plugged in, turned on the radio, and had the whole thing freeze with the volume adjustment on the screen. The volume buttons still worked but the touchscreen was frozen and the home button didn't work. Plugging in a phone didn't help. The most frustrating thing about this is that every time something boneheaded like this happens, I have to hard-reset the friggin thing, losing the clock (which, come on, it can't auto-set the clock? My crappy U310BT could at least do that!), radio presets, screen settings, etc. I have had to reset the thing every single day I've owned it. This is happening on OS 2.22 and 2.45. At this point I'm not sure if it's worth the hassle to even unpack and install the second one, or if I should just return both of them and hunt for something else. Is this normal? How often do you guys hard-reset your units?