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  1. Returning From Clarion

    I agree with you 100% on sound quality of the Clarion vs Pioneer. I traded my X940BT in for the NX602 recently, and the Clarion blows the Pioneer away on most everything except sound. The lack of having to click through any "nag" screens is heaven on the Clarion. The nav is also light years better. But, the sound quality simply sucks, especially when using an iPod or iPhone as the source. The D/A convertors suck on this unit. I am also a mix engineer and very picky about my sound. I thought the X940BT sound sucked compared to my old Sony unit I yanked out for it, but the Clarion is even worse than the Pioneer. I'm not sure on what I will do. There is no one particular unit that has everything I want right now. They all have compromises. The X940BT was annoying and buggy for me to say the least. The Clarion is the closest to date of being perfect except for the fatal flaw of poor sound. I looked at the Kenwoods, and they have their issues as well. Did you ever do a bypass on the Clarion? I was wondering how to do it. There are no forums that I can find on the Clarion like you find with Pioneer and Kenwood. (another downside to Clarion is lack of user base)
  2. X940BT Switching Source On Its Own

    Well, I traded mine for a Clarion NX602. The Nav system on this unit KILLS the Pioneer! I absolutely love the 3d buildings and it is just more intuitive overall. I do miss the app functionality, but the only app I really used was Pandora (which the Clarion has Pandora integration anyway). I also wish that there was a larger user base for Clarion, so I can browse wonderful forums like this. It seems there are no Clarion forums. The funny part about it is that the X940BT started acting properly only after I ordered the Clarion. The last few days with the Pioneer were trouble-free. Go figure. So far (day 2), I'm happy with my choice to switch units.
  3. X940BT Switching Source On Its Own

    No solution yet. Mine also does it in iPod mode like yours does.
  4. X940BT Switching Source On Its Own

    I am still having the issues, and it's getting to the point of being a safety hazard. I find myself constantly having to fiddle with the radio and/or iphone while driving since this problem started, which is dangerous. Yesterday, while driving and listening to a Playlist on iPod mode, the radio would just randomly pause itself several times and go into app mode. I also am having an issue where Inrix traffic cannot be controlled by the screen on the X940BT. The Google Maps app I can control from the screen just fine though. I've decided that my radio is most likely going back to Crutchfield this weekend. This thing is too big of a distraction. I want to be able to plug in my iPhone and select a source and simply leave it alone. This radio in its current state does not allow this.
  5. X940BT Switching Source On Its Own

    The problem returned this morning. After I disconnected and reconnected the iphone, I didn't have the problem for the rest of my trip to work. This is frustrating, since I cannot pinpoint the exact behavior that causes the issue. I did just update to the latest version of the AppRadio App last night on my iphone, but I don't notice any changes.
  6. X940BT Switching Source On Its Own

    It's been working fine lately other than occasionally needing to disconnect and reconnect my iPhone. I also can't seem to control Inrix through the advanced app interface, but google maps works fine. The last two days, I did not get the source switching out of Pandora problem.
  7. X940BT Switching Source On Its Own

    I have used those same settings when I experienced the issue. I did not experience the issue this morning though. I'm hoping that it stays that way.
  8. X940BT Switching Source On Its Own

    I have not contacted them yet. But I've been experimenting with the problem the last few commutes to work. I started downloading some appradio apps to the phone for shits and giggles to see how/if they would work with this unit. The past two mornings, I did not experience the issue if I launched pioneer carmediaplayer and then plugged in the phone to the avic. I did have the switching problem in the afternoon commute though. I cannot figure what exact behavior causes this issue. Has the issue returned for you chitown?
  9. X940BT Switching Source On Its Own

    The album art shows up fine for Pandora. But, it does not show up using Slacker for me either. edit: I didn't see "wireless" in your comment. The art DOES NOT show up for me when doing Pandora or Slacker through bluetooth.
  10. X940BT Switching Source On Its Own

    I may hang in there a bit longer. It seems that Crutchfield's return window is 60 days instead of 30 like I originally thought. Maybe that will give time for Pioneer and/or Pandora to fix this bug. I'm not going to hold my breath though. I may just go with a Kenwood DNX6990HD instead, but I prefer the Pioneer GUI (and price). Reading through the forum, it also seems that AppRadio users are having problems with the screen going black when playing Pandora. I wonder if this is caused by the same bug. I'm going to try to contact Pioneer when I get a chance.
  11. X940BT Switching Source On Its Own

    Update: I tried a couple hard boots on my iphone 4 and I still have the problem. I've tried it with and without PandoraSkip and it didn't matter. Unfortunately, the issue remains. Mine is going back to Crutchfield. I'm getting close to my return window.
  12. X940BT Switching Source On Its Own

    Please update us on this. I am about a millisecond from returning mine to Crutchfield. This makes the Pandora and Aha interfaces unusable. I had this issue without Pandora skip being installed and it also didn't work after doing a normal reboot on the iphone. Maybe I'll try the hard reboot later today when I go out for lunch. Thanks for your help.
  13. X940BT Switching Source On Its Own

    Just tried one from Best Buy and had the same issue. The one from Amazon was identical to the Best Buy one and not a knockoff. This sucks.
  14. X940BT Switching Source On Its Own

    Yes. I bought this exact one in the link below. http://www.amazon.com/Pioneer-CD-IU51V-iPhone-Navigation-models/dp/B004HW6F74/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1335268752&sr=8-7
  15. X940BT Switching Source On Its Own

    I think I may send my unit back to Crutchfield because of this. This is a deal-breaker for me, since it makes the Pandora and Aha interfaces unusable on the radio itself. That was one of the main reasons I bought the radio. I also wish it had the same functionality like AppRadio has, where apps other than Aha and Pandora are better integrated. I think I may try a different unit until this issue has been resolved. I don't want to run the risk of my return period expiring without a guarantee that this will be addressed. Pioneer isn't exactly the most reliable at fixing bugs. I may revisit this unit after the firmware for this has been fixed. Thanks for confirming this problem guys.