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  1. 8201 not displaying song titles on cd playback

    Avic-scott....any good news from the update ? Hammadown
  2. 8201 not displaying song titles on cd playback

    Maybe if more people get in on this subject Pioneer might do something about this problem..........Yes CD's are yesterdays technology BUT....I still use it and I paid A LOT of money for a state of the art ..top of the line product that should have something as simple as text for a cd, .if the AVIC 1 I had before this NEX 8201had cd text then I expect this unit to have it also !!! Hammadown
  3. 8201 not displaying song titles on cd playback

    What do you think we can do about it ? Hammadown
  4. 8201 not displaying song titles on cd playback

    Wow !!!! nobody has an answer ?? Hammadown
  5. 8201 not displaying song titles on cd playback

    Those same store bought CD's displayed their text on my Avic-1... why does the song text display on my NEX-8201? Hammadown
  6. my 8201 is not displaying the song titles or album name in playback from original produced ..store bought cd's. these cd's are not copies or burned recordings .the only info that is displayed is the song number any idea why and any help is appreciated!! Thanks.... Hammadown
  7. Wondering if the new Avic 8100NEX has a music library like my Avic Z! does ? Thanks........ Hammadown
  8. Is ducati-boy still here??

    Hey... i have the first version z-1 ...... does that make a difference?? thanx........ Hammadown
  9. Is ducati-boy still here??

    HEY......... been away for a while.......... is ducati-boy still here ? i tried e- mailing him and pm'ing him but got no reply!!! im having major issues with his bypass and looking for some help. Im sure his life doesn't revolve around this place I think i read somewhere on here that he did have some defective pieces and with the problems I'm having.......... I'm trying to find out if i have one of them Thanx........ Hammadown
  10. working again

    ................ hammadown
  11. Z-1 OVERHEAT

    working again... bad connection hammADOWN
  12. working again

    turned out to be a wire after the bypass well....anyway its still coming out due to X-TREEM-HEAT issues any way.thats the update HAMMADOWN
  13. dead

    WELL.................. MY Z-1 is now ........D-O-A.......... Did #1-2-3-4 reset and it's still dead!!! maybe it's ducati boy's BYPASS?? The unit's coming out next week hammadown
  14. Z-1 OVERHEAT

    ducatti boy THANK YOU for the reply i have a few replys of my own to your answer/questions but i spent 20 minutes pecking at my keyboard .only to have my info lost and it would not enter successfully after hitting submit 20 times
  15. Z-1 OVERHEAT

    i mean successfully.this suuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks