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  1. That's the thing, I can't eject a cd or insert one. When I press the the eject button, it gives the attention noise but that's it. The CD source isn't displayed on the screen. It's like it's non existent. Also, the parking brake wire is properly grounded. I've installed one of these in my Mazda already. It works perfectly and what I'm experiencing now with this second unit is not a symptom of an installation-gone-wrong. I know what I'm doing.... this second unit seems to be having some sort of hardware issue. I can't see it being software related. Regardless of any version, the unit came with all the sources (CD, AUX, USB, Tuner, etc.) I'm thinking I just got screwed. Any knowledgeable people want to chime in?
  2. Hey, I bought a used U310BT and I've got something really weird going on with the unit. The CD drive isn't function and I missing some sources in the menu. Currently the only two sources available are AUX & Tuner. USB & CD are missing and SD cards also do not work. I've tried resetting with the button on the front and nothing changes. Everything else with the unit works fine, GPS, Illumination, etc. The guy I bought from said it worked fine when he uninstalled it but we all know how crooked some people can be and I really don't trust his word. I'm just wondering if anyone has any ideas on this or should I just send the unit to Pioneer and have them repair it? Thanks in advance!