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  1. Hello Everyone, I recently had the battery on my car die. I gave it a jump and the battery charged and the car started. But now my Headunit won't turn/power on at all. The faceplate has power, because it's running of it's battery. Does any one know how I can turn/power it on or reset it...or did my system fry??? I've had my AVIC-U310BT installed in my 04 Cadillac Deville with On-Star for 3 years now. I had it installed by Al & Ed's who hooked everything up. I don't have too much detail on what they did expect that they grounded a wire so I could use the system while driving and they told me that a special wiring harness was installed so that the On-Star would work with the unit. Other than that my unit has been working fine. This is the first time this happens. If anyone has any idea of what it could be I would greatly appreciate it. I'd hate to have to install my factory radio or buy another unit. Thanks!!!