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  1. New mape for x940bt

    Not free but when searching ebay I saw many for sale....
  2. Display Rear Camera a few secs longer than normal

    I had the same issue..... While there must be other ways of accomplishing this in the end I went this route: www.ebay.com/itm/320842385347 Order warning: Takes 30days for delivery. I tried using some capacitors but they didn't keep the camera "live" long enough. I still haven't installed this timer yet but it should work just fine. The timer is activated from the backup light circuit using a separate "hot" to supply the camera relay (part of the timer) and keep the timer working during the time needed. Camera turns on immediately and stays on for the time selected. I plan on using the "hot", when the ignition is on, that supplies the rear cigar outlet but have been to lazy to pull a wire from there to the lift gate area. On a side note I odered a second one to keep the stereo on when going from: Parked with ign off to starting the engine. I just hate it when the AVIC 940BT has to recycle for a momentary power loss.... This 10amp relay/timer can handle that just fine.
  3. A better knob for the X930BT

    Thanks for this suggestion! Works great and I had one in my drawer
  4. Thanks I've been reading but worried about making a mistake I can't afford. Had to save quite a while for this X940bt. So I have to start-up the unit with the proper file, testmode.key, that will allow copy / paste function. Then backup the user folder (at a minuium) or more. Then edit menu items and/or upload a new file. Basicily I think that is approx. right but, and I'm not doing this right now, I'll study before the attempt. I have a few issues with this system but mainly I want to get rid of this screen aggrement; clickable image below. I guess I also need to find some hex editting software. Thanks for the help! .
  5. That's great! Have you found a way to get rid of the "Caution Agreement Screen" when the NAV is accessed? I would be interested is your utility; can you send a link/file? x940bt here... Thanks Glenn .