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  1. Looking for help with an AVIC-Z140BH

    anyway i can get you to share those files with me? i have a z140bh never been touched that just quit loading today. tried all the info i can find here and have it half loading but the maps are loading at all and the menu loads but doesnt work.
  2. i have/had this same initial issue. i followed the above steps. found that my user folder did not have the prg.flg file. so i created a text file, then renamed it prg.flg (made sure the file extension changed) then insert that into the user folder on my head unit. this is also a z140bh. now my unit will boot, gives me the navigation message, you hit ok. it takes forever to select past that. then the screen just goes blank. if i hit home it will bring the main menu up but i cant select anything. if i hit mode it will bring up the radio side and i can select an input and the radio works, but is extremely slow. i cant drag the menu to see all my audio inputs, i can only select whats already showing. however i can not get the menu to work right or get the navigation side to load at all. i also tried performing the firmware update from pioneer. with not help. and i tried copying the files from the prg1 folder to the prg0 folder with no change. im wondering if maybe the prg.flg file i made isnt right but half works. i did also use the self test option in the program test mode and it gave me an error on nadflash . the touch screen test came back good in test mode. last i tried a hard restart (disconnect my battery) still no go. any input would be greatly appreciated. or if anyone could share a good working copy of their unit. my unit has never been hacked or changed from factory. and it worked great last night just started with the boot error this am. please help additional note, when i bring up the menu page, it use to show me the main three, and in the background you could see the full list of items. it only shows the main three now. and i cant select anything. the radio side lets me select.
  3. Background for z140bh

    is there a way to upload a custom background for the z140bh? I HATE the all black screen. all the posts seem to be based around the d3
  4. hello all. I just recently purchased a z140bh. So far i love the unit other than the actual screen picture quality during video playback leaves me wishing i had my 5 year old flip out screen back. (or is there something im missing here too) main question i have is ive been reading that these have dual zone capabilities however i cant seem to find anything about how to use it or turn it on in the manual or online. does it have to be hooked up a specific way? my end goal is to make my headphone unit that sits in the rear of my center console be used as my rear seat audio output but i can figure the logistics of how to turn that on and put sound to it once i figure out how to turn the dual zone feature on on the head unit. (the headphone unit is stock in my 06 suburban and was allowed to power on when the factory radio turned on now the the factory radio has been removed i will have to power it and then send a new feed to the unit as well.) second question i have an android phone that allows me to stream netflix through a netflix app to my phone, is there a way to link that app to the radio as well. im assumeing no but figured id ask. so any help on this dual zone option would be greatly appreciated! also any cool cracks available for this unit? thanks!