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  1. I did wonder that I guess ill take it to Al and Eds and ask them to take a look at it, thanks for your help!
  2. thanks tried that, everything works (navi etc) aprt from that greyed out bluetooth screen... so frustrating
  3. Hi Everyone I brought a car yesterday that had the AVIC X910BT unit in it. The Navigation works great, but nothing on the bluetooth side works. When I press 'phone', it goes to a screen where you cannot press any 'button' on the screen, they are all greyed out. I can't even hit the 'phone settings' button. On the 'settings' screen, I can only press the AV settings and AV sounds. The 'navi settings' and 'system settings' are greyed out. I've looked all over for the solution to this, and I genuinely cannot find a solution anywhere so I was hoping someone here with knowledge could
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