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  1. Great forum, great collaboration. I have spent long days researching here but I just can't find the right solution. I've managed to brick my X930bt upgrading to the stock 3.001FW. I get the black Pioneer splash screen and amber button lights (which I set beforehand) and then the screen goes black with no response to any inputs. I've performed the Condi Hackmode to-the-letter and am only able to use version 1.4, which goes into TestMode. Once in Testmode I can traverse both the SD file structure and the deck itself. The Autoinstall Hackmodes boot and run the "red screen" and will also run the "white screen" that copies files from SD to the system. After the "green screen" reboots... I get the Pioneer splash screen and then nothing again. But V1.4 works every time. There are links to the "F" series system backups but many of the links are dead. My understanding is that the X and F are fairly similar? My search for "X" backups however yields no results. This is humbling, but I would like your help\input even though I'll be chastised for not performing my own backup.