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  1. Emulating U250 on WinCE 6

    Hi! I've been trying to emulate the MobileNavigator from U250 on WinCE 6, but I'm getting an license error. The application and maps are original, purchased through Naviextras and work fine on my car unit (AVH-P8400), but not on the emulator. It seems to me this is a silly mistake with the liceses/device files. Would you help me figure it out? Thanks!
  2. X940 for Brazil

    Hi, I`m planning to buy a X940 and since I live in Brazil I`ve been reading to the topics for a while to get the genenal picure on how (if) make it work. To make sure I undestand, here is what I think I`ve learned: 1. to get the maps in I have to hack the unit (with Condi`s Hack) so I can copy the files around 2. there are no Brazilian maps for X940, so I would have to get it from the F220 3. the X940 only works with Pioneer Nav, so I won`t be able to install iGo on it - and thus my only map option is official Pioneer. Please, can you confirm I got things straight? Has anyone been able to do this yet? Thank you!