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  1. No, I'm almost positive it just had the base system in it. The dealer installed the Z1 before my parents took delivery of it. I sold the factory head unit for them on eBay a while back, and it didn't have anything that said JBL on it, and neither do the speaker grilles.
  2. I guess I failed to mention some crucial info. It's a 2007 4Runner, and everything was working fine before I installed the iPod adapter yesterday. I will check all my connections again today.
  3. The iPod mode definitely works perfectly. The AVIC-Z1 was dealer installed, and there aren't any aftermarket amps. I'll check the AV settings in the morning
  4. My Z1 plays normally in AM, FM, and iPod modes... but in Library mode, the volume is really low and staticky. The beeps are really low in volume too. CD mode is the same way. Any ideas on what the problem could be?
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