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  1. X940BT, 32GB SDHC not fully reading.

    Thanks... well that sucks. It would be nice if they actually posted this technical information on the marketing documentation site. Heck even dealers don't know this level of detail, nor did their sales folks know about this when I presented the issue to them at SEMA. Seems to me they hide it purposely and only on documentation AFTER you purchase it.
  2. X940BT, 32GB SDHC not fully reading.

    That's probably the issue.... I have a total of 5399 files, and 837 directories. I did try and reorganize the layout, and it helped with the speed of access, but it seems that it did not help with lost folders. I wonder if that limit is a limitation of the Windows CE base OS that it runs on?? One would think that with such large SD and USB storage available that this would be addressed. Where did you find that in the manual? I could not locate it in mine. I really don't have a issue of carrying multiple SD cards with me... its a tad bit annoying. I am going to try and hook up a 30GB SSD Drive that is powered by the USB port with 5v and see how that works.
  3. This sounds like your camera... I have had my "cheaper" cameras mess with me on things such as this where video would just stop, lose grid, etc.. and then all of a sudden things would come back for no apparent reason, and the only common denominator that I could find was they got wet from a car wash.. even though they were supposed to be water tight. See if your camera has any jumper wires on it... a few of mine did and after uninstalling them, checking the jumper settings (remove/reintstall jumper), and reinstall the camera and the features would return.... Just a thought... otherwise you might have to get a new camera.
  4. I have a X940BT that was running the old firmware so I thought that might had been the issue, so I upgraded it to the latest 4.01 firmware, but the issue persists. The only hack I am running is the hardware bypass, not doing anythign with testmode or condi, as I don't fully understand those functions yet... though I am fully capable I hack my Android all the time.... just need to get a understanding of this OS now. But back to my issue... I have 2, 16GB SDHC Cards no issue on either one... but then bought single 32GB and copied those 16gb cards over to the 32, and it only sees maybe 1/2 of the folders. Its hard to tell just how much I am seeing as the scrolling option in the unit is less than desireable. The only thing I can think is is that I am somehow hitting a upper limit of folders that are visable... which I am now going to try and move things around and see if that resolves the matter. Anyone else seen this before...