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  1. Quick install Q - '03 Infiniti G35 sedan & F90BT

    I have an 04 G and it wasnt really that bad If you have installed radios in the past this will be easy. Took me a good 1hr or so to remove old radio and put the new one in trust me,its not as bad as the poster above made it sound
  2. Kenwood DNX8120 installed *pics*

    yes to bypass all you do is ground the parking break Eclipse,JVC,and kenwoods are simple bypass
  3. Kenwood DNX8120 installed *pics*

    you can find em on Ebay for 800,they are refurbs which isnt reallya big deal. You can purchase the 1 year square trade warrtanty for under $100, 2 year is like $129 I really do think its worth the extra money if SQ is your thing. If you more concerened about nav then the 90bt might more for you.
  4. Kenwood DNX8120 installed *pics*

    Well I almost got the time alignment set. This was a HUGE deciding factor on my part. The nav is somewhat important but not as important as the audio I am currenly running some CDT Es series components and the Kenwood made them shine. Last year when I had the D3 I was kinda upset that the D3 had a very basic EQ, I just couldnt get it tuned right. The 8120s EQ is almost flat expect for the 16k 2+db ( i like a little trebble) The sound from this thing is amazing. Im not trying to knock Pioneer. I have ran MANY Pioneer units in the past and was very happy with them. If SQ is your goal the 8120 will help you reach that goal with ease. The time alignment makes the entire setup sound differant. The tweets seem to be more balanced and dont seem to be overpowering.
  5. Kenwood DNX8120 installed *pics*

    no bugs if you get the updated versions which almost everystore has now. If not you can update it via SD card. boot up is maybe 15 secs and thats with artwork on the ipod. The nav will tell you at 1mile 1/2 mile and 500ft (if the next turn is that far) Nah no voice, but I dont need it, I mean how ofter are you going to need directions? The ipod voice didnt really catch my attention either,its a cool feature,but I dont think id use it The 8120 does have a mic. Its used for bluetooh and works great. The blue tooth kicks in about 20 sec after boot up
  6. Kenwood DNX8120 installed *pics*

    is VERY fast, about as fast as a stand alone ipod art work on or off its very fast
  7. Kenwood DNX8120 installed *pics*

    you can fix the nav voice volume you can also select if you want the nav voice out of the front left/right/ or both
  8. I have the Kenwood 8120 and the nav is EASY to set up my gf figured it out in 2 min the audio is pretty easy also, just hit the source button and you selections come up, you can also preset your menu to only bring up certian icons mine is set to dvd ipod nav you can put whatever icons you wish,or leave them all up
  9. Kenwood DNX8120 installed *pics*

    looked over the manual no way to change it I guess
  10. Kenwood DNX8120 installed *pics*

    didnt look into the color change for the buttons ,but i will look into it the blue looks nice in the carbut I know looks will vary from car to car
  11. Kenwood DNX8120 installed *pics*

    yeah it will display art work but that didnt have the picture I didnt have the ipod hooked up but do now, i can get a pic of the ipod display tonight
  12. Kenwood DNX8120 installed *pics*

    ah ,you can change your cars icon also go to the nav menu then settings then i think map or general
  13. Kenwood DNX8120 installed *pics*

    time alginment DVD one more Like I said,if anyone needs a shot just ask
  14. Kenwood DNX8120 installed *pics*

    source menu usb audio menu,one of about 30 EQ crossover
  15. I dont wanna be a troll or anything ,but I know alot of people are caught up in the same spot I was 8120/90bt/JVC/maybe Eclipse I bought the 8120 for a great deal. Well I have had this unit for a few days but I allready love it. You might say love is to stong of a word....your wrong. When you buy a Double din you usually get subpar EQ, no time alignmet, really no good sound control. This unit has a 13band EQ control for the front and 13 bands for the rear. Thats where it starts. You have time alignment, You can choose what size speakers you have . 6/12/24 db crossovers for EACH speaker. You can also choose the level of output from each speaker. I have had the Pioneer D3, Eclipse 5510 and the Panasonic Strada. This is way beyond those. The nav is Garmin so its very well laid out. I figured out most of the functions in about 20 min. You can change the voice of the nav. It has text to speech and will say all the names of the streets. The Pioneer,Eclipse, and Panasonic said some names but not all. I live in a very rural town and even those streets are said. The POIs are great. The price is a bit high but if you want a sweet double din with great nav, its worth it. If anyone wants a specific shot, feel free to ask Start up Nav menu POI menu more navi