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  1. My brother installed a 7100 into my car while he had it and he just gave the car back. I noticed a speaker going in and out, so I pulled it out to see a bad solder. In doing so, I noticed he cut off all the RCA inputs for the amp. Would a repair shop able to re-install these or just get a new unit? 2009 Volvo S60 with harness/adapter from Incartec in UK.
  2. I have purchased two 8000Nex, one was brand new and the other was a refurb, both from authorized retailers. The refurb started acting up by freezing all the time and then rebooting itself, the brand new one operated fine up until the screen moved to eject mode and became completely unresponsive. I have sent both back under their warranties and the only thing they did on both was update the firmware; both units have been reinstalled and are suffering the same exact problems after only a few hours. I've owned a D3, F90BT and a 7000NEX with no issues. Anyone have any thoughts or inpu
  3. Recently installed an 8000 into my 07 Volvo XC90. Was working fine, but I was out driving about a hour after I completed the install and it restarted twice, but then stayed on the entire time for close to a hour with no issues. Today, it was restarting like it had been but after one of the restarts, it stayed on the Pioneer loading screen with the audio still playing in the background. I pushed the reset button and it stayed on the loading screen, with no audio. It also sometimes tells me that the handbrake is connected improperly and some times it doesn't. I have the parking br
  4. Spent 12 hours in the car today, temps between 75-90 no issues since the antenna replacement
  5. So I replaced the antenna with a round antenna, not the square one and so far no problems. It's been hot here in Pittsburgh, but not ridiculous. I did notice that the module was very hot when I removed the radio.
  6. Yeah mine seems to work more in the morning than once it's hot out.
  7. And appears it has failed completely
  8. I have a Pioneer AVIC-7000NEX that I have installed in my vehicle since November, about two months ago I started to get a constant "Check Antenna" message when listening to Sirius. Everything appeared okay, but I still decided to replace the SXV with another one, now two days after putting in the new SXV I'm getting the "Check Antenna" message again. It worked fine for two days, has anyone else had this issue?
  9. Thank you, appreciate it.
  10. Just grabbed a 7000nex but didn't know if the 300 would also work with the 7000?
  11. The GPS uses a different plug between the F90 and D3... Also, might be a stupid question, do I need the RCA harness to run the system and does anyone have any experience with the iPod cables that say they work with the iPhone 4S?
  12. Had my D3 repaired and adding it to my second vehicle (F90BT in my other), but I need to replace the GPS antenna, along with the AV harness, where can I find genuine Pioneer ones? eBay seems to be a lot of knockoffs...
  13. My Sirius was working fine yesterday and when I went to leave work it said acquiring signal and didn't change. I called Sirius and had a signal sent to my car and it turned on for about 5 minutes and then stopped functioning again. I'm a little bit lost as to what might be going on. I didn't know if anyone else had an experience like this and if I need to possibly replace my Sirius box.
  14. Has anyone looked into adding logos for Sirius/XM Channels? Any direction on going through this, I have an SD Card already with files for the F90, so it would just be adding the graphic files and changing file location, I assume?
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