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  1. X491BHS

    Is there a way to play video via USB on the 491BHS?
  2. X940BT Navigation Issues

    I found the settings. Changed it to Samantha TTS. My 3D Calibration isnt working, only the distance & 3D bars filled up. Speed pulse is there but when im stopped it shows im going 3MPH. Its not recording any right or left hand turns. GPS sensor is mounted on my dash corner by windshield. The actual distance counter is still at 0.0 but the meter fills up. When im moving a certain mph it shows the correct mph on the navi unit. Im not sure where to start...
  3. X940BT Navigation Issues

    Where are these settings? I can't find them anywhere!!
  4. Is the 940bt supposed to be turn by turn directions? My navi isn't talking to me and I can't figure out why Also have a problem where after the first step or turn it doesn't go to the next step just counts the distance I am away from the turn I just took.
  5. How do I find out which update I'm on and how do I update maps?
  6. X940BT Can't Change Splash Screen

    Alright I figured it out. AVIC Feeds saves it to SD card UNDER a folder called PC. Open Up PC Folder DRAG PICTURES to the ROOT OF THE SD CARD and ITLL WORK!!
  7. X940BT Can't Change Splash Screen

    wouldn't work.. avic saves as bitmap but unit is telling me it needs to be jpeg..
  8. X940BT Can't Change Splash Screen

    so I download to my computer, put sd in computer, set on avic then put card in radio?
  9. I've created the pictures folder on my SD card, added a jpeg picture in there and the unit does not show it when I go to select from SD! What am I doing wrong?!
  10. I have an AVIC 940BT & Audiovox Camera, I got the radio to recognize the REVERSE signal and the radio switches over as it should. The problem I have is there's no image,at times there is and at times theres none. I've checked the connections and everything is connected.