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  1. So I dont have a remote for My D3, i Want to be able to get into the service menu so i can downgrade my firmware. Can i use a universal remote with the D3 to be able to control the head unit and possibly enter the Password using the remote so i can access the service menu. Thanks
  2. So I'm having trouble with the D3, I just got the CD-I200 OEM Cable for my D3, The problem is that it was working earlier and now it doesn't. It recognizes that an iPhone is connected but when it plays the sound comes out of the iPhone but not through the head unit. i can still control the iPhone through the D3 but sound Isn't routed through the D3.
  3. IPhone 5 Lightning Adapter, Does it Work?

    I guess no one knows, well I got my OEM CD-I200 cable today and picked up the Adapter from the Apple Store. It works but doesnt charge. By the way I also tried the Chinese Knockoff Lightning Adapter and the Avic D3 Does Not Recognize the Phone, But When Using the OEM Lightning Adapter it Recognizes the Phone. Still No Charging but when i get the Cablejive im Sure it Will charge just fine. Pandora, Tune In Radio, and iPod App All work flawlessly with both the on screen buttons, physical buttons, and on the phone controls.
  4. I have an iPhone 5 and I just got a D3 but waiting for the IPod cable to come in the mail. I was curious to know if anyone has used the lightning adapter with the D3 and OEM Pioneer iPod Cable, and if it works?