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  1. Has anyone still got the 3.0 Update files for the avic f900bt?

    Hey Dan, Did you have any luck finding this thread?
  2. Will an X firmware release work on an F900BT? If so, any thoughts on the advantages and the risks welcome. Thanks.
  3. F900BT - what is latest firmware?

    I'm the original owner of an F900BT. By reading some of these threads, I'm thinking I'm not running the latest firmware. Current: Map Version: 2.000400 Version: 3.020100 There are mentions of running the firmware from later model series, as well. Is this possible? Any issues or advantages? Based on other comments, it sounds like some of the update links are broken. Truth is, I generally like the functionality, except the touch screen sensitivity which got a little better after the update I did in 2009, but has still been really lame for a modern device. So, can I update and should I update, and if so, how? Thanks!