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  1. x930bt dual zone help - audio only ?

    On my 940, it works fine. If that DVD player has audio out by a 1/8" jack, you could check to see if it is a 4 conductor one that has video in it, similar to an ipod.
  2. New here. Picked up an X940BT

    It is very easy, using Paint, you can resize any image to 800x480, save it as a jpeg, then put it on a micro SD card. On the x940 there is a menu that has a few built in pictures, but when the card is in the slot on the head unit, you will see that you can select it in the menu to change start screens.
  3. Supported Remotes With The PAC WRI-P

    Remote Model Number - Pioneer CXC2665 - http://articulo.mercadolibre.com.mx/MLM-409979117-control-remoto-pioneer-cxc-2665-_JM Features Supported Volume, Track Up/Down , Seek Up Down . ATT. Band, Source buttons Features Not working - Direct, Audio, Func, number buttons, Direct, Clear (pressing clear turns volume all the way down as though holding the Vol down button, even if you dont keep the remote pointed at the remote at the IR receiver) I had this remote from an older Pioneer headunit, and had hoped it would work as back seat remote, but it is pretty limited in what it controls.
  4. I am kicking myself for spending $60 on the Pioneer cable, I found this today locally for less than $5 http://ca.cellphoneshop.net/aux.html?gclid=CJnpioHd2rUCFa1AMgodwGgACg
  5. X940BT cold weather issues?

    I can verify that this morning at -19, it worked as soon as I got in the truck. Having it happen at -5 seems like something may be wrong. Something worth trying; make sure there is no disk loaded in the drive, it may be less fussy if there is no drive to spin up in the cold. I have no idea if it will have any effect, it's just an idea for an experiment.
  6. X940BT cold weather issues?

    I have had mine fail to boot up, and then halfway to work I get a message saying "Normal Temperature restored" and it begins to play normally. I have also had an ipod classic freeze up to where it does not appear to be connected to the head unit. I had to put it in my inside pocket for awhile before it would even boot itself up. However, I live in Saskatchewan, where the temp gets significantly lower than many of you south of the border. It was -28 the last time I noticed this symptom.
  7. x940bt remote control options

    no, is the remote a factory steering wheel, or are you using an IR remote?
  8. steering wheel remote x9115bt

    I got the Pioneer CD-SR100 and a PAC WRI-P, it is supposed to work well, but it just arrived from Amazon today. I did the LED mod that is discussed on Amazon by drilling a small hole in the back of the remote. It is supposed to make it much more reliable. I will let you know once I get it installed this weekend how it works. I am also installing a WD TV Live and will be ordering some headrest monitors.
  9. x940bt remote control options

    Are you using a factory steering wheel remote with yours, or an aftermarket one?
  10. 940bt does not save xm channels

    Your XM module is connected to an ignition switched power source, I believe it needs a constant power source to maintain memory. The yellow wire (one of only 2) in the harness should always be powered.
  11. x940bt remote control options

    I did some reading on the sticky above and have ordered the PAC-WRI as well as the Pioneer remote. I hope this is all I need to have at least basic control of volume and changing tracks on CD/Ipod. I would still welcome any ideas, recommendations, or things to avoid.
  12. x940bt remote control options

    Hi, I am new to forum, and I think my first question is a basic one but I cant find any info on what I am looking for. I don't have a factory steering wheel remote, so I was looking at the Pioneer CDsr100 IR remote. I cannot find any info anywhere on if this remote can be used with the x940bt. I have researched the Metra and PAC interface modules, but they seem to only be for hard wired factory steering wheel controls. The Avic unit itself does not have an IR capability, and the Pioneer website has no info on remote control options. My Avic is in a Toyota Tundra, and the mount in the middle of the dash seems like it is along way from the drivers seat, so a steering wheel volume control would be ideal. If anyone has set up IR remote control of this head unit, a list of required components would be very helpful. Thanks in advance.