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  1. F900bt unit went to black screen - have had this before and managed to fix from a previous post. This time i seem to be sticking at doing the wince (formatted) upgrade which goes to 100% and no further...left for 30 minutes but does not go to image transfer and restart unit. Have tried a couple of cards all full formatted...does anyone know how long this should take (from memeory i took quite a while last time) and also which version of wince should use as was on 3.021000 Help and advice much apprecaited
  2. Kodem - went to link to upload today and now not avalible - can you help on instructions as to how have to install - assuming WINCE and then copy My Flash over but want to double check. Thanks
  3. Thanks for this downloading and will try tomorrow and let you know how it goes. Much apprecaited
  4. Avic F900bt installed in Alfa has suddenly stopped working. Has worked fine for three years then after bettery going flat in car stopped loading and doing the notorious reboot then went to the black bricked up screen. Have tried wince upgrade and adding files from user on which has brough the unit back to life partially except cannot access anything except the settings controls...ie no audio, phone settings, maps etc. Understand will need to reinstal ezrider and maps for this. Dont have any back up as never expected to play around with the unit as was all working fine till few weeks back.
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