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  1. Backup Cam only works if manually switched

    Never mind IM AN IDIOT!! Finally realized I had the Camera function turned on. So it was trying to switch to the camera when it didnt have power. Clicked it off and works like a charm! Thanks again for the help!
  2. Backup Cam only works if manually switched

    OK so I got it working by changing the reverse trigger from the HU to the reverse wire in the harness under the kick panel. Everything works correctly now, cam comes on when gear changes and turns off when switched out of reverse BUT I still have a problem! A few seconds after the unit turns on (10-15?) the camera switches on by its self but there is no image because I'm not in reverse. I then have to hit the home button to get out of the black caution screen. The head unit is set to battery. The positive and ground from the camera are connected directly to the tail light positive and ground wires at the bulb. The reverse trigger at the HU goes to the reverse wire in the kick panel. WHAT AM I MISSING!!??? Thanks for the help though!
  3. Hey guys, New to the forum but have following along for some time now. Anyways I recently bought an AVH-X2500BT and today I installed a $15 amazon backup camera and was able to get it to work when in reverse in my F150. HOWEVER it seems to only work IF in reverse AND I manually switch it on by pressing the icon on my home screen. I can't seem to figure out why the camera works fine if manually switched when in reverse but wont just switch automatically. Any Ideas??? It would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!