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  1. Im having the same problem but my mute wire is connected properly. Should I be grounding the mute and the parking break to the chase or conecting it to the ground provided in the car? I have from the deck ground,mute and brake wire connected then grounded to the ground provided in the car. Im wondering if it is overloading the ground. I moved the yellow and black wire up one pin. I keep getting a warning on start up brake lead connection problem.
  2. avic x940bt

    Bypass problem
  3. AVIC-X940BT Bypass Problem

    I having same problem soon as I start up my avic x940bt I get parking brake lead is not conected right I press ok and everythings good. As soon as I start driving I lose dvd and the other stuff. I just wondering if its over loading the ground I have yellow/black, green and black wire from the deck joined togeather then grounded to the ground wire in the car. Is this whats everyone elts is doing or are you grounding the mute and parking brake to the cars body? all of my conections are soldered togeather and are good. and yes I moved the yellow and black wire up