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  1. Hi there, My D3 knob was lost in a break in attempt and wondered if anyone know of another knob that would fit since the D3 knob is discontinued. Could anyone confirm if a D4 knob would fit a D3? Thanks so much
  2. Do CNDV-70MTP discs work with AVIC-D3?

    Hi there, it seems i cant find a clear answer if the 70MTP work with the D3. or are the D3 included discs current and 70MTP dvd aren't needed. Thanks guys
  3. navigation is off by a 100 feet, any fixes?

    from a far i hardly notice it. the only other location is the rear on my Z's strut bar but thats a lot of tunneling. well i'll keep driving. hope it clears up. thanks guys
  4. navigation is off by a 100 feet, any fixes?

    so i have good sats, speed pulse is work. is there any way to adjust the unit. like calibrate it? or are you stuck with with what your given in terms of accuracy? i have the antenna on my dash. thanks guys
  5. navigation is off by a 100 feet, any fixes?

    my speed pulse does go up. is it supposed to match my speed? its usually half my speed. also, yes, i have orange sats, if orange is not a good lock, what color is? Thanks guys, this info really helps.
  6. how to verify VSS is working?

    does the speed pulse need to match my actual speed? my speed pulse is usually about half of what my actual speed is.
  7. Hi guys, Is there a way to check that the VSS cable is attached properly thru the head unit? Thanks
  8. hi there, my D3 runs great except for the navigation being a little off. like the length of a intersection, 2 lengths. is there a way to improve this. i usually have all satellites lit up in orange. i do have the VSS cable connected but i dont know how to verify in the unit that its working? is there a way to tell? any other tips on how to correct this would be great. I dont have my reverse cable connected either even tho it says low in the status. i read somewhere that that might compound the VSS info. not sure if thats true. for all i know VSS doesnt even effect this. thanks guys
  9. hey mister troll, not only did I save money, it didnt have some fool scuffing the shit out of my interior
  10. what are soom good loactions for grounds? any familiar with a 350Z? oh , and can i ground multiple wires together to the same bolt? thanks
  11. HI guys, so i just installed a D3 and i have 4 weird problems that i dont understand. first of all, the wallpaper background isnt anything. its these grey and black streaks going across horizontally. 2nd. when i go to map, my location is stationary in a location about 20 miles away. 3rd. alot of buttons are grayed out. like when i tried to change the background, then i got to navi and settings the system settings is grayed. 4th. ill try to play a dvd or play video form my ipod and it says something like watching video in the front seat is not allowed. what works. ipod does with when its comes to music. radio works with good reception. I did to the bypass by swapping the mute cable and grounding it. i also grounded the ebrake instead of connecting it to the ebreak. when i check gps status, i see like 4 yellow satellite icons. i made all my grounds to a bracket that my stereo attached to. this is on a 350Z any help would be so damn appreciated right now. thanks guys
  12. 95-7602 or 99-7602 metra dash kit for a 07' 350Z non-bose?

    thanks misfit, guess i wont be installing the avic this weekend then.
  13. 95-7602 or 99-7602 metra dash kit for a 07' 350Z non-bose?

    i wonder why crutchfield is recommending the 99 if its the wrong one. on all the forums im am getting conflicting reports. very frustrating. thanks for the input guys.
  14. do i need a 95-7602 or 99-7602 metra dash kit for a 07' 350Z non-bose? thanks guys
  15. make a AVIC-D3 look like a AVIC-D2?

    good point vblue