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  1. X940BT & STCC1

    I have been having a recent (worsening) issue where this head unit starts displaying "acquiring signal" and over the course of a few days to a week it no longer receives a signal (Sirius stations wont play or display any info). During this cycle the signal breaks in and out until it no longer works. Set up: Antenna (on the vehicle roof) to the Sirius SCC1 to the Pioneer CD-SB10 to the X940BT head unit (per install directions). I have had this set up for close to 5 years w/o issue, until now. The only fix I found, which is temporary, is to unplug power form the SCC1 and DC-SB10 devices. Once power is restored everything works again for a few days then starts acting up. I am assuming the SCC1 is possibly on its way out. After a search they seem to be an obsolete item. Is there a replacement product for the SCC1 devise, is there a fix for this issue? Thank you in advance.
  2. PIONEER CD-IU52 USB to Lightning Interface Cable

    Thats interesting. I will need ot do a little more research I guess, thanks.
  3. PIONEER CD-IU52 USB to Lightning Interface Cable

    I called Pioneer this afternoon, apparantly I need to purchase the Pioneer CD-IV202NAVI kit ($50.00), and a Lightning to VGA adapter ($30.00 +/-) in order to get the full use of the APP radio back with the new IPhone6. Great, I get to spend even more money on it!
  4. Just bought one of these cables. Its seems to be nothing more than a charging cable for my 940BT. I have no control of the IPhone6 thru the head unit. Am I missing something? I already have the most recent firmware from Pioneer.
  5. Bricked x940bt

    I almost had that same issue. Unit hung after the update (before I installed teh BT firmaware). It was supposed to automaticlally restart and it did not. I had to disconnect power from the radio, replugged it in and after that worked fine. I was sweating bullets for a few minutes Saturday morning. I will check back periodically at Pioneers site hoping they revise their update, as there doese seem to be an installation issue with it.
  6. Backup Camera While Driving 940BT

    Thank you. I figured thats what he problem was/is. Thanks again!
  7. Backup Camera While Driving 940BT

    I appreciate the response(s). I know you cannot full screen while driving forward, and yes it would be a split nav screen (per the manual). The head units reverse signal input is wired directly to the reverse lights and camera. Everything works as it should when put into reverse, but when I am moving forward and select the "rear view" from the nav screen menu, I get the split screen with the map but no rear view image. Cant quite figure it out.
  8. Backup Camera While Driving 940BT

    If I understand the manual correctly, you can turn on the backup camera while driving. If so how do you accomplish that? I tried, but cannot figure it out. I got as far as the split screen with the map, but no picture from the camera. The power for the camera is wired into the reverse lights, and up to the head unit to the reverse signal input wire. I am thinking the camera should be connected to permanent power, and the reverse signal input wire direct to the reverse lights circuit? That way it would automatically come on (and off) when put into (or out of) reverse, and while driving I can split screen the map. Can anyone confirm? Thanks a bunch.
  9. 940BT and Sirius hardware

    Tried to get the Pineer CD-SB10 serial bus tody. These are near impossible to find for a resonable price. Pioneers web site suggeted retail $70.00, they are double the price online. Also most place says not is stock or discontinued. Any other options?
  10. Better X910BT X930BT and X940BT Volume Knobs

    Received it today, looks factory (very important to me). Excellent quality! I can take photos of it intsalled if anyone wants to see it (in a 2010 F350 PU).
  11. Better X910BT X930BT and X940BT Volume Knobs

    Just placed my order for the black for the 940BT. Cant wait, the factory knob is too small for my fingers.