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  1. X940BT & STCC1

    I have been having a recent (worsening) issue where this head unit starts displaying "acquiring signal" and over the course of a few days to a week it no longer receives a signal (Sirius stations wont play or display any info). During this cycle the signal breaks in and out until it no longer works. Set up: Antenna (on the vehicle roof) to the Sirius SCC1 to the Pioneer CD-SB10 to the X940BT head unit (per install directions). I have had this set up for close to 5 years w/o issue, until now. The only fix I found, which is temporary, is to unplug power form the SCC1 and DC-SB10 devices. Once power is restored everything works again for a few days then starts acting up. I am assuming the SCC1 is possibly on its way out. After a search they seem to be an obsolete item. Is there a replacement product for the SCC1 devise, is there a fix for this issue? Thank you in advance.
  2. PIONEER CD-IU52 USB to Lightning Interface Cable

    Thats interesting. I will need ot do a little more research I guess, thanks.
  3. PIONEER CD-IU52 USB to Lightning Interface Cable

    I called Pioneer this afternoon, apparantly I need to purchase the Pioneer CD-IV202NAVI kit ($50.00), and a Lightning to VGA adapter ($30.00 +/-) in order to get the full use of the APP radio back with the new IPhone6. Great, I get to spend even more money on it!
  4. Just bought one of these cables. Its seems to be nothing more than a charging cable for my 940BT. I have no control of the IPhone6 thru the head unit. Am I missing something? I already have the most recent firmware from Pioneer.