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  1. thanks i got it to work, but my sound quality is not as good as with the other setup maybe i need an amp and sub or something or some new speakers all together lol
  2. thanks for the info but i hooked up everything and all it does is mirror my iphone in the same size as the iphone screen i might add. I cannot see the advanced app mode come up on the screen nor can i use the car media player app to access my music i have to play music from the phone what could be the problem?
  3. thanks for the reply vblue42, but i wanted to know what to connect to what in order to get it to work? do i connect the hdmi to the unit then to digital av apple adapter and then to lightning to usb connector? Thanks in advance!
  4. hello thanks for the info I just bought my app radio 2 and I have no video/no app setup and would like to do the full video and App mode setup. Can you tell me the exact steps to get this to work I plan on buying everything tomorrow and setting it up. Thanks in advance.