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  1. On this subject I've gotten many private messages asking to be pointed in the right direction and I reply to every one with the following message copied and pasted.......: A member on this forum contacted me back when I was having issues with my F900BT, his username is "anttid" he sells a reliable and perfect update and reboot Fix on eBay for around $24. it comes with the latest versions of maps and a hack installed that allows you to watch TV while you're driving in the front seat (i don't condone this practice)...... I would definitely suggest you go on eBay and search for his listing.
  2. FYI, anttid helped me out......(he posted above on this topic)......and now unit works perfectly. I've tried to PM others with similar issue that posted on this forum, as to where to get fix. Anyone else having this issue can PM me and i'd be happy to point you in the right direction or you can PM anttid directly if he doesn't mind......
  3. Fixed!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you to the helpful member who messaged me and pointed me in the right direction to find software. Works better than ever before. Faster, newer maps etc.....
  4. Is this for the US version or another country?
  5. I have same issue....... If i get it fixed i'll let you know. Searching for the answer, i have a computer wiz kid helping me figure it out on monday maybe........
  6. In addition, it originally would turn on then go to menu screen and would still play music but then would turn off after aprox 3 minutes and begin rebooting again. Over and over. Could not access navigation. I attempted many updates from pioneer site and about 49% of the way finished with the update screen would turn red and read error or update failed, something like that. I attempted download from this forum and only got thru the 1st SD card which i believe included test mode and something like wincmeg. It was from the forum titled something like 3.0 upgrade??? New update from pio
  7. Tried that, i unplugged everything and no dice
  8. I've searched on this forum for a couple weeks and most links to downloads aren't active anymore. Trying to find correct downloads to fix this reboot loop on my unit that started about 3 weeks ago. I've had unit about 3 years and it's worked perfectly. Tried to download update from pioneer site but it didn't fix issue. I've never dealt with torrents before and i'm not exactly sure on how to go about it or if there are any current downloads around for this complete fix. Most topics and replies about this issue were posted years ago. If anyone can point me in the right direct
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