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  1. i've tried it with the only other bluetooth device that I have, a nexus 10, which is also running android 4.2.2 and initially it had the same problem (albeit with the nexus 10 i had the micro HDMI hooked up just as shown in the installation manual rather than with the slimport adapter required by the nexus 4) I've tried the whole reset/unpair, turn off the phone, reset the head unit etc. The issue has actually gotten worse. I could previously connect my Nexus 4 as a "bluetooth audio" connection and stream anything from my handset that way, but that won't even connect anymore normally--it's constantly switching back and forth between the "no media" connection. I'm wondering if it could be a faulty bluetooth in the z150bh head unit. I haven't had trouble connecting any other bluetooth devices to my nexus 4 or my nexus 10.
  2. I just installed a z150bh head unit in my xterra I have a stock Nexus 4, not rooted. In order to get it hooked up I switched out the MHL adapter for a slimport adapter that seems to work for most people. Pandora, when operated from the avic screen rather than just a direct bluetooth audio, has issues staying connected. I will hear music from the car speakers for a few seconds, then from my phone for a few seconds. I checked the bluetooth menu on my Nexus 4 and noticed the connection status switching back and forth from a normal connection to a connection "without media" every few seconds. I've been able to get everything to work once or twice by resetting the bluetooth settings on the head unit, and unpairing the phone/restarting the phone. However, this only works temporarily, and when i turn the car off, the same old problems come back. Any thoughts? Has anyone seen this type of a bluetooth issue? I've read through a lot of the bluetooth stuff on the forum already and haven't come across it yet, but i'll keep reading.