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  1. AutoCal -- Use a GOOD microphone

    So, has anyone determined a good microphone to use with the NEX's?
  2. Apple Carplay Background

    I am using Carplay on an NEX4000. When I play any song from my music selection, the album artwork is displayed but it is very dark. So much so that in daylight the background looks black. At night, you can barely see the artwork on the top half of the screen. Is this normal and/or is the any way to adjust brightness?
  3. Can I have my iPad Mini connected to USB1 with the CD-IH202 kit AND an iPhone 5 connected to USB2. Allowing AppRadio to control the iPad Mini and still have general audio control and Pandora control for the iPhone on USB2? Right now I am getting USB not compatible on USB2. I will likely use the video features and Nav on a very limited basis, but use the basic audio every day. I prefer the basic audio control because all my steering wheel controls work. I am on the verge of scrapping this AppRadio BS.
  4. There are no privacy settings for AppRadio on my iphone. Any other ideas?
  5. Yes, trying to launch the video from Car Media Player. It won't launch Also, is there a way to disable the permission screens on the iPhone 5? Every time I want to run an app radio function from my 8500, my iPhone 5 asks for permission to access (contacts, calendar, app radio app, media player, etc) I don't want to have to look at my phone every time I chose something within App Radio on the 8500.
  6. I am new to this site and new to Pioneer App Radio. I just bought a 8500BHS and have noticed some quirks in App Mode. I only have one USB connected to port one, this is the USB that routes to the Apple lightning Connector and into the Apple HDMI adapter. App radio works fine, but I do not have an option to chose USB 1 Iphone in regular mode (non-app mode). It is greyed out. Also, when in app mode, I cannot chose and play a video from my iPhone5. I can see the videos. It acts like it is going to start but doesn't. I can go to my phone and play the video with no problem, but I had hoped to keep my phone in the center console while in the car. Maybe this wont be an options. Can anyone else confirm that there is no USB1 while in app mode and that you cannot play video directly out of app mode?