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  1. Hey There, In my Folder : APL2->iGo->CONTENT->LANG are 3 RAR Files. Lang_English-us Lang_French-can Lang_Spanish-mex Did anyone have a German Language ? My Navi spoke in English and im Miles Thank You !
  2. Okay Guy´s, i fixed the Problem by myself... For all Users with the Same Probleme : I have downloadet the FX 3.1 with WinCe included. Now everything works fine except that the navigation is in English. But thats not really a Big Problem. I Downloadet it here from the Forum ( Torrent File ). Greetings
  3. Hey there, i have a Big Problem. The First one is that i came from Germany, thats the Reason why my English is bad , i hope u can understand my Text ! Now to the Second Problem... Even when i Start my Car, the F700 starts short, Shows me my BootPicture ( VW Emblem ) and then STOP ! Iam not sure with the Versions, i tried a Update from the Pioneer Support Site called : F700BT VER2009000. The Update starts quick and finished in 10 Minutes. The Avic reboots, but nothing will happend... when i press the "Eject-Button", i came in the Menu, but i cannot use this, i only see it. I can
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