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  1. Hey Sofakng, I checked on the Crutchfield site for compatibility of a Maestro SW with a Toyota 2011 Rav4 with Pioneer AVH-X8500BHS. According to Crutchfield they say it is compatible. You might want to call Crutchfield tech support and confirm.
  2. Current Setup: 1) CAR = 2013 Subaru WRX 2) Location = U.S. 3) H.U. = AVH-X8500BHS (purchased from Crutchfield) 4) Phone - IPhone 5 5) AppRadio Installed (app running = Waze) 6) Steering Wheel Adapter = Maestro SW (Used 2012 WRX firmware setup to program Maestro SW) The Maestro SW allows you to program each steering wheel button with TWO functions. To use the first function you press the steering wheel button quickly. To activate the second function you press and hold the steering wheel button (for about a second). This is confirmed functionality of my setup with Waze running in foreground and source (Radio, USB2, CD) running in the background or just the source running in the foreground: Functionality: Radio = press up or down button -> tune station, press and hold up or down button -> cycles through presets USB2 = press up or down button -> skip track, press and hold up or down button-> cycles to next folder CD = press up or down button -> skip track, press and hold up or down button -> cycles to next folder Note on Radio: the presets on the AVH-X8500BHS are grouped in three pages with 6 presets on each page. Performing a press and hold of the up or down button will cycle through station presets for the current active page. For example starting at preset 1 and performing a press and hold on the up button 6 times will do the following: preset 1 -> preset 2 -> preset 3 -> preset 4 -> preset 5 -> preset 6 -> preset 1 all on the SAME page. Note on USB2: These are mp3 files grouped in different folders by artist. Note on CD: These are mp3 files with various artists grouped into multiple folders. Hopefully this is clear enough for everyone.
  3. Discovered more info --- I have discovered that the App Connection Settings was not set to iPhone (Digitial AV) needed for the IPhone 5 on my AVH-X8500BHS. Once I got this set correctly (search my other post if you are having difficulty setting the App Connection Settings), the track buttons on the radio now function correctly when running a source in the background and appRadio running in the foreground (the app I am using is Waze).
  4. I had the same problem as a lot of people in this thread (not being able to change the App Connection Settings from "Others" to "iPhone (Digitial AV)). All the unit would do is a mirror function. What I did to make the option come up on the Menu. I don't know if all of these need to be done. 1) Turned off Bluetooth on phone and the auto detect in the Bluetooth menu 2) Disconnected the HDMI cable from the back of the unit. 3) removed USB stick from USB port 2. 4) disconnected HDMI cable from lightning adapter. 5) left the USB to lightning connected to the phone. 6) got the unit to the off state. 7) got to the menu App Connections Settings page. Disconnected the phone at the lightning port. I think #8 is the key. I than was able to change the settings from "Others" to "iPhone Digitial AV". Hope that helps some people.
  5. Good News! Installed a Maestro SW for the steering wheel controls today. I now can get track skip and folder skip functions with playing a source in the background with Waze being viewed on the screen. Setup: 2013 WRX (used 2012 WRX to program Maestro SW) IPhone 5 running Waze AVH-X8500BHS Confirmed source mode behavior using up down keys on steering wheel (with Waze running in foreground): Radio = press -> tune station, press and hold -> cycles through presets USB2 = press -> skip track, press and hold -> cycles to next folder CD = press -> skip track, press and hold -> cycles to next folder Now I can live with the Stereo. My only complaint now is the lack of brightness of the display. Next to impossible to view in bright sunlight with sunglasses on.
  6. This is the response I got from Pioneer (pretty much the same as FourDoor: Thank you for contacting Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. Thanks for taking the time to provide the comment/feedback on the Pioneer product. Unfortunately, this is normal operation for the unit. I will forward your comment to our product planners.
  7. I am having the same problem. Current setup = IPhone 5, AVH-X8500BHS, Waze. I have noticed that the remote control does work. Still it is very annoying. I have also sent an e-mail to Pioneer to see their response.