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  1. D3 starts but nothing works

    I just had this same issue pop up on my D3 today in my cobra. Was getting ready to order a z140 for my toyota fj. second guessing myself now
  2. TRD Splash Screen

    nice looking background. will be saving that for when I get the new hu installed into my 08 tt fj
  3. Toyota background for Z130BT..... Please?!?

    I've got some cool cobra logo's for the d3 in my 03 cobra but I'm getting ready to geta 940 for my fj and would love some cool toyota backgrounds too!
  4. My Mustang Backgrounds

    Got my d3 in and I am using one of your backgrounds currently but was wondering if you would be willing to make a few others. One with the carbon fiber and "SVT" on it One with just the snake on it One with just the word "cobra" on it
  5. avic d3 in my 03 cobra

    got the unit in but still need to do a little fine tuning. The shop grounded the parking brake wire but not the mute wire so I have to get back in there and do that and also check to see if they did the vss wire. Got some bg's loaded up from this sight. If anyone wants to make me one with the SVT logo on the carbon background have at it. here they are. some had a little bright spot on the screen from the light coming in the garage door behind the car. The screen looks pretty good during the day and damn good at night. kind of blury navi shot. flash shot with controls hidden so you can see the bg I put on there. ipod control on screen shot with no flash of the av bg
  6. I think I am in trouble.............

    Well I got my backgrounds put on and everything else is working. I'll go back and ground the mute wire after I check the vss wire and also tap into the dimmer switch for night mode. I am tired of taking all the trim on and off.......... Well needless to say they are arsholes that I will never take anything back to. In the past they were pretty good working on other cars of mine but now both shops in town have burned me with shady work and will never get another dime of my money.
  7. Avic D3 - Backgrounds

    what program are windows users burning these pictures on CD's with? I cant get anything on my computer to burn the pictures folder I have onto the cd I put in the drive.
  8. I think I am in trouble.............

    they got everything done but didnt connect my gps atenna so I had to route that myself. They did ground the parking brake wire with the ground though and now my system says there is a bad connection on the parking brake. Just need to get in there and ground that mute wire for the bypass.
  9. installing d3 in my 03 cobra

    got it all worked out.
  10. Well after taking a look at my metra wiring harness for my 03 cobra D3 install I decided it was better to leave it up to the pro's. I work a crazy job so I never really know when I will have time off...........So today I take it to one of the two install shops in town and they squeeze my car in among all their other work. I had already purchased the metra wiring harness and the metra install kit so everything was in the box and ready to go..........I get a call saying they cant install the unit because it is a double din.............I said okay with a puzzled hint in my voice and the guy says the install kit isnt the correct one because my unit is a double din. I laughed and said well it is the same kit you were going to order for me and it just so happens to be an iso mount already installed on the deck so it just needs wired up and slid into place......He said he would go look but the tech said it was wrong and would call back. So far no phone call so I hope they get the dang thing put in and I can get my car before the end of the day because I wont be happy if I have to drive it around without my new radio and I am not leaving it there over the 4th when they are closed.
  11. installing d3 in my 03 cobra

  12. what metra harness number?

    Right on. That is a good idea and would have been my next question. Hopefully my wiring harness shows up Monday and I can get it all put together and installed in the car. I already have the bypass done and routes for everything ready. Just need the harness. Thanks a million for your help.
  13. D3 in a 03 mustang.. HelP!

    Yes it is. If you dont trust me ask my wife. LOL!
  14. D3 in a 03 mustang.. HelP!

    I would have gone that route but just spent a wad on fuel mods and new clutch setup so I can turn the boost up on the whipple.
  15. D3 in a 03 mustang.. HelP!

    I have all the colors and pin numbers for the vss and reverse wires so I can tap into them. Other than that I just need to make sure that I properly install a 2.2k resistor into the amp on line so I dont get the amp thump (per someones suggestion on here). I guess just solder that little resistor into the wiring? Oh and as long as the metra kit comes with a wiring diagram then I should be good. I have a good gameplan I think atleast. LOL!