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  1. no, I've definitely learned from all the threads how harmful that hackmode can be. I haven't used it and there's no way that anybody could have put it on the SD card. Its just my daughter and I that EVER go into my car lol. Well...this sucks, Perhaps buying a new mother board might work? is that where the original programming is? i talked to pioneer and they charged 80 to reinstall the programs so im assuming itll be MUCH cheaper on ebay or something. Just not sure what exactly I should be looking for.
  2. So I've done A LOT of research on here trying to figure out if others are having this same problem and although I see some similarities with the z150 and others, I'm not sure that the fixes are the same. This error code came on out of nowhere. I never tried to hack it, or update anything! I just turned the car on one day and my radio hasn't worked since. I believe that the files are corrupt though I'm not sure how that could happen. I've tried unplugging the battery, I also downloaded the Test mode thing and loaded it onto my SD card but when i popped it in, the radio did not go into test mode
  3. ok so i might just decide not to bother with the VSS. it might be a bit to much for me. as for the illumination, when i switch (from daytime to night time) manually there is no difference. so i wasn't even sure if it was worth the time but ill give it a try. ill probably just run it all the way to the back the same way i did the reverse signal. that was fairly simple! as for the 3D, that REALLY sucks because that was a huge reason for my purchase. now it just looks like any other gps...which is no fun. lol. you seem very knowledgeable, would you happen to know if there is or will be some sort
  4. RonS Thank you so much for your help. oddly enough when i tested the harness everything checked out and YES i did check the fuse in the HU as well as the TWO radio fuses in my car. after replacing the blown one they all seemed to be fine but i was still struggling to get power. Eventually I brought it to someone who VERY quickly showed me the problem. When i hooked up the power harness to the radio harness I followed the install guide, however that was what got me in trouble. I hooked the blue to blue, red to red, yellow to yellow etc. the problem was that the yellow wire from the power harnes
  5. Hey everyone.Today i FINALLY got a chance to upgrade my AVH to an Avic z140BH. At first i tried to simply hook it up to the same power cord that I used for the AVH because it was already connected and fit the avic perfectly. For some reason I got a visual of the screen and was able to play with the functions but wasn't getting sound. so then I went through all the wires on the harness one by one and connected them to the new power cord. I hooked up my amps through the audio output cables and I heard music! here's my problem. After i heard the music, i went ahead and hooked up the gps antenna,
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