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  1. Ipod Video conversions

    hey now i know this isn't really an avic question, but anyone know of any free software i can use to convert dvix's, avi's etc. to a format the ipod video can recognize so that i can play on my D3? i've been searching websites and can't find anything free....tanx mucho
  2. Lines on screen when off

  3. Lines on screen when off

    My D3 always shows horizontal lines on a gray screen when I turn it off or use the hide option....any suggestions or is this normal? also i was told by a local installer that pioneer makes a steering wheel control adapter that wires right into the D3 and told that it was rather expensive $150 or so...haven't been able to find it, i know that the PAC swi-ps is available but i figure the pioneer is better, i have an 03 trailblazer...thanks in advance...sorry if this is a duplicate, i couldn't find my answers even w/ the search option, i've read how some of you get a bit annoyed w/ that....