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  1. Hello to AVIC411

    I Just wanted to say hello to all the folks in the AVIC411 forum. Like many on here, I guess, I have recently purchased a car fitted with the F900BT unit but installed with European mapping. Much as I would love to use these I now live in Australia so am not able to. Quite willing to hand over some of the local currency to Mr Pioneer to make this problem go away I found that they were less than helpful and got the following response. Whilst the AVIC products use similar hardware platforms worldwide, the product is actually region specific in function. The AVIC product released here in Australia is for the Australian market and will not operate in overseas markets and cannot be modified to do so. The reverse of this is also true. You will not be able to import an AVIC unit from overseas and modify the unit to operate Australia. Mapping upgrades for the Australian version of the AVIC may be available for purchase from the Online Shop ( http://shop.pioneer.com.au/ ) but loading and operation on the unit cannot be guaranteed. If you require a navigation product please consider purchasing a unit specified for the country you are located. So, Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, after many years in storage on goes the hacking and tweaking cap (oversized brim facing the rear of course) and let us see how long it takes me to brick the bloody thing. All pointers and offers of assistance always appreciated. A rare chance for you to make an old man very happy.