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  1. Well my D3 is officially a brick, so I have 2 sets of East and West 110MT discs for sale. They are copies of the OEM ones but work great. If interested make me an offer
  2. I tried doing an update to 100MT and during the update it froze before it finished and continues to do so. I got into the service menu and force loaded the cd/dvd and it went to 100%, the application program said NG and we tried force loading it and it would get stuck at 88%, tried this several times and always gets stuck at 88%. Any ideas of whats wrong, because right now i cant do anything with my system it just keeps saying insert appropriate disc. any help is appreciated
  3. Im using a set of burned Nav update discs and my system seems like its updating and right before its almost done it stops and seems like its frozen...Don't know what to do? is this normal does the update take a long time? Im so mad at this right now any help is greatly appreciated
  4. I just got a set of 100MT upgrade navi discs and loaded them into my d3 and it it shows the two bars updating and when it gets to about an inch away from being done it stops, I don't know if its just taking really long to do the last part or what? any help is appreciated
  5. Is it safe to use burned Navigation discs?

    The reason why I ask is because im thinking about buying some off of ebay. They are a fraction of the cost of OEM ones...and the seller is a Power Seller, but I don't know
  6. Ive read somewhere that copied navigation discs can lock up your unit...Is it safe to use navigation discs if they are burned? How many people use the copied ones versus OEM, because there is a huge difference in price. thanks
  7. thank....and the one from the AVIC Z3 NDBT1 wont work?
  8. I m in need of a Bluetooth module for my D3 and I noticed the CDBTB200 is discontinued. Are there any newer modules that will work with the D3?
  9. Wanted to buy a set of Nav Disks

    I just bought a used D3 unit and it didn't come with any Nav Disks. Does anyone have some OEM ones for sale that they don't need anymore?