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  1. I have a z150. everything is completely up to date
  2. When I plug in my iphone 5 and begin to use iheart radio in appradio mode, it only shows my the top left corner of the screen and is zoomed in a lot. is there a way to make this not happen. I can't do anything with the app while it is zoomed in. THanks.
  3. Just had a z150 installed in my silverado and am having a few issues with it. my installer used the CD-IU201N cable for the ipod/iphone adapter. I have an iphone 5 so i just put a 30-pin to lightning cable adapter at the end of it in order to use it. This setup worked fine with my z140, but when i plug my iphone into the cable with the z150 the unit doesn't even recognize that anything is attached. my phone begins to charge, but nothing pops up on the screen. If there is a way to make this work I would love to not need to go spend $100 bucks on new cables to make the iphone 5 work. Any i
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