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  1. Z110BT bypass worked... but no longer does?

    To clarify, I bought my Z110BT about 3 years ago and performed the parking brake bypass correctly and successfully. It worked just fine until about 6 months ago. I've made no software changes or anything else (that I know of) that would cause it to display the nag message randomly after so long. I even popped open my dash and looked to make sure no wires were loose, shorting out, etc. Everything looks good in the dash. When i turn on my vehicle, sometimes the message doesn't appear... then it may appear 10 or 20 minutes later at random when I'm driving down the road. Other times, it appears when the system boots. Any ideas?
  2. Brilliant! Upgrade was *flawless*, now running version 4.00! Thanks pionara. I've already bypassed and upgraded, but is there anything else I can do to my Z110BT? Sorry for the newbie question, but I just looked on the web at the Z150BH and the nav interface looks incredible! Will there EVER be a way to get that software onto the Z110BT or is that surely out of the question?