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  1. iOS7 & AVH-X8500BHS

    Fixed it. Just needed to reset the network settings and put my pin into the headunit.
  2. iOS7 & AVH-X8500BHS

    Updated to iOS7 yesterday and it broke bluetooth audio. Now i'm unable to control music from the headunit, if i want to skip to the next song I have to do it from the phone. Has anyone else ran into this or other problems when switching ti iOS7?
  3. For some reason my AVH-X8500BHS defaults to Other anytime i unplug the harness from the back. So i just need to make sure I switch it to Iphone AV before plugging in the iphone or I'll have to disable bluetooth and unplug everything form the back again. The main problem I run into is using an ipod with the X8500BHS. At first I couldnt get one to work in either USB port with the Pioneer USB extension or without, but then i switched to a different older 32pin ipod cable and it worked in USB port2 with the USB extension cable. Then I realized my appradio input source was reset back to other when i was testing all this. So i unplugged everything again and now it wont work again HAHA. Such a finicky stereo! Here is how i have my wiring: Lighting Cable plugged directly into USB Port1 connected to Apple AV HDMI Adapter Rocketfish HDMI Cable plugged into back connected to Apple AV HDMI Adapter Pioneer USB Extension Cable that came with the unit plugged into USB port 2 With this configuration i am able to: Use waze(now works as touchscreen for me!) in appradio mode and listen to bluetooth audio(Spotify,Soundcloud, Mixcloud) Plug USB Thumbdrives into the USB extension and play movies or audio I WAS able to plug in my ipod nano into the USB extension with with my 32pin cable and play music but that has stopped working after unplugged everything and plugged it back in to switch out of Other mode. How does everyone else have theirs wired?