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  1. Hi, After hours of trawling the web and no further forward, I though I'd try here How to you enable the speed cameras to display on the screen? I've downloaded a file and put it on my Micro SD card, confirmed the installation of 'blackspot' files but cannot see anything showing POI's for Speed Camera I'm in the UK if that helps anyone? Thanks folks! Damo
  2. Hi folks, Newbie - First post here I'm in the UK and drive a SEAT Exeo, basically an Audi A4 B7 with a different grille and have a problem with my head unit: If I'm listening to either the radio, cd or an sd card and my phone rings - The stereo no longer mutes to answer the call, but it does mute if I'm streaming music from my phone via bluetooth. Basically, I have to turn down the volume and take the call, not ideal if you don't notice on the stereo display that someone is trying to call me! If I manually dial a call from my phone or keypad on the screen I have the same problem, but not when streaming music via bluetooth again! It used to work, but no longer does, can anyone help? Thanks in advance Damo
  3. Moved to correct forum - Sorry!