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Found 84 results

  1. I am trying to transfer my phonebook from my Verizon Droid Bionic to my Avic N4 and when i click the transfer phonebook button, the bluetooth disconnects and nothing happens. Nothing gets transferred. Reading the manual it says press the phonebook transfer button and then use your cell phone to transfer your contacts? So i have to do something in my cell phone for the contacts to transfer over?I figured out how to add numbers one by one, but i can't figure out how to add the name to it.
  2. My F700BT hates me

    ok so here is the story i have read all about what to do for the f700bt but its not working when i go into test mode and copy the files it keeps telling me i dont have enough space and to delete files but i dont know what i can delete i hae tried copying the files 1 by 1 but it's not working im not a super genius when it comes to computers but i can figure out most things can somebody please help me with a step by step? i have already downloaded all the avic files i can find but i keep getting error maybe disk space is size full..... first i got a red screen at 46% (this is when i tried the updates) then switched versions then got to 61% with the error maybe disk space is sizefull then switched out my wince files manually cause i couldn't get into service mode and then tried the update again and got to 84% done with the same error and then i tried to do the backup overwrite but it tells me it cant do it cause i dont have enough space.... any and all ideas will be appreciated i bought the car with the stereo already installed.
  3. A few days ago I went to start my car and as usual my avid f700bt began to load up, except after the splash screen it turned itself off and stayed off. I've tried hitting the reset button a million times, but to no avail it won't load up. So then I tried to update and restore the software, but it only gets to a certain point before it freezes and a red screen comes up. Has anyone seen this or has any solutions to this problem? before this incident I've never had a problem with it. I must also note that i am now able to get to the settings screen, only system settings and when i hit that it says no version installed for both system and maps. Attached is a picture of the frozen red screen. Thanks in advance for all of your help!
  4. Every since I upgraded my iPhone 4 ti iOS 5, mt Avic x910 crashes when I try to play a video from my iPhone. I read that this could happen because of the new iOS 5 on the iPhone 4 but not sure. If this is the case, is there a work around? I wanna be able to play netflix and Pandora but am unsuccessful. Also, I recently got a replacement iPod cable as well so I dont know if that could be causing the isse. If there is no work arounds (and Im praying that there is), has anyone been able to play video from the iPhone in the AV2 jack (on the front of the unit)? What kind of cable would I need and where would i get 1 from?
  5. 930BT Remote

    I can't find the remote the the 930BT.. should it have been in the box? Thanks
  6. Android in car with Atrix Webtop

    Just sharing my latest project. I got Android running through the avic Z100bt using HDMI to VGA converter. If you were thinking about doing it, here is a preview of it. Things needed: AVIC with video input Motorola Atrix rooted to access the WebTop through HDMI TODO: settings to control X11 resolution
  7. hi im new here and have just boght a used avic x930bt off of ebay. i paid and every thing and was so excited. right when it got to my door i hooked it up in my truck and when i turned it on it was and spanish and had a password on it . so is there any way to fix it without paying a fortune? i have all the papers and stuff, no cds tho. thanks for anybodys help. by the way i cant go anywhere but the screen asking me for the password...
  8. HI i have a 700bt and was functioning perfectly.I tried to update the 3.0 and screwed this up.now when i turn on the unit it stays on for like 30 seconds and turns off. How can i get this going again... do i need to send this back to pioneer or can i fix this myself..i tried to copy the sd card with the 3.0 update to my flash on my deck...when i tried to copy all files i get a message saying that there is not enough room in the my flash drive on my deck..so i decided to delete some files for some room ..thats a mistake i made so i having missing files on my flash in my deck. any suggestions would be great.
  9. avic 700bt and 900bt install

    I have a avic 700bt installed in my car, gps, bluetooth, back up camera and satelitte radio. Now just wanted to know if i can just take the 700bt deck out and take out one plug at a time and plug into 900bt. Seems like the only difference from the back is the 900bt has a digital out and the 700bt does not. Sounds simple...any suggestions would be fantastic..thanks