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Found 9 results

  1. Hi everyone, I have had an AVH-4200NEX running my car for about six months now. I never really used the HDRadio with all the other source options. On a whim the other day I switched to FM to discover that I can get all my local stations, but they only come in as analog. None of them switch to digital. I live in the SF Bay Area so reception isnt a problem - something else is going on. The car is a 2005 Audi S4, which has an amplified antenna. But Im assuming if the amplifier wasnt working I wouldnt be getting the analog reception in the first place. What else could be happening
  2. I am busy with several projects and working with the AVIC-Z150BH and AVIC-X850BT units and every time I switch units in the same vehicle, i.e. remove power, I go through the task of resetting all my presets on AM, FM, and SiriusXM (special HD1-4 stations on the Z150BH), et al, and want to know if anyone is backing these up through Service Mode (a.k.a. test mode). I'm guessing all the WinCE based units are fairly similar. Any help or information is appreciated. Thanks.
  3. So I had Best Buy install the AVIC 7200nex at the end of July. Everything was great until a few weeks ago I can no longer get AM stations. The HD stations rarely connect and the FM stations usually become static. Why did this all of a sudden happen??????
  4. I have recently installed a z130BT on my Lexus ES330 (2005 model) and the FM radio has a poor reception. The factory head unit had a great FM reception, even though it didn't support HD, the quality was quite good. I live in greater LA area and there are plenty of HD and regular FM channels that are broadcasted here. Has anyone had a similar issue? The connections seem ok and the antenna hasn't changed since I swapped out the factory HU. I spoke to Pioneer and they asked me to send the unit for examination, if I cannot fix it. I also heard that adding a FM booster will improve the recepti
  5. I live in Dubai (Middle East) and had my car imported from the US and it came with the F900BT and found it reasonably satisfying all my needs except with FM and Navigation. I have two questions: Question 1: The FM Frequencies available are in odd number like 100.1, 100.3, 100.5, 100.7, 100.9 etc but here in Dubai we have stations on all frequencies like 100.1, 100.4, 100.5 etc (even number also) I'm wondering if there is anyway to make it work with even number, maybe installing the european firmware or something like this. Question 2: The same question stands for maps. I ha
  6. Hi all! I bought an appradio 2 in the USA recently and had it installed in my car in The Netherlands. The unit works great (except of course for some minor tweaks). However, the European FM frequencies differ from the US frequencies. I wonder if there is a possibility to address this problem by installing "European" Pioneer software or firmware. If this is not possible, I can try to create a "workaround" by using internet radio... Greetings, Martijn
  7. Hi all. New to the AR but pretty technologically capable. I have an odd fault with my DA100 that maybe someone might shed some light on. Wired and fired up my AR2 before competing dash installation and checked the radio function to get it working. No problem - fired up as it should. Completed installation, installed v8.30 and the FM radio (app; if you like) has not worked since. Specifically, I get all the lines and boxes in the right place but they are not populated with data. The remote (blue/white) wire triggers, because I hear the handbrake bypass relay close, so the AR knows I
  8. Hey everyone, I just installed my Pioneer AVIC-900BT. Not sure if this is an easy fix or not but I noticed that my radio signal for FM and AM stations is really weak. Is there a way to increase my signal strength? Also, I updated the firmware from 2.006 to 2.008. It's great but my only gripe is that I can't get my TTS to work properly. It just tells me to turn right but no street names. I noticed that under the system settings/language I only have Jason available. How can I get Samantha TTS? Thanks
  9. I have a z130bt in a gm work van, I have to use the Chrysler/Gm adapter for the antenna size. I have very poor Fm and badly any Am signal. worked fine in stock head unit? Any ideas?
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